File Downloads Restored. Thanks For The Heart Attack, Blind File Sharing

Last Updated on: 18th March 2019, 05:34 pm

Well that sure is a load off our minds. It appears our long file server nightmare is over.

Somebody over at Blind File Sharing, where all this stuff is hosted for now, was a little slow on the draw and let the domain expire. In so doing he almost made Carin and I expire along with it as we came to the horrible realization that hey, we have no access to anything anymore and we don’t know when or if we’re getting it back since they haven’t been the easiest folks to contact of late. We’re currently using them to host downloads for 2 sites as well as to back up some personal things, so BFS being in the land of the living is kinda sorta important to us.

If you were wanting to download anything you should be able to now, so have at it. Carin is in the process of hoovering everything onto her machine so we have the safety net we should have had in the first place, stupid us. Let this be a lesson everyone. Even if something presents itself as a back-up service, do yourself the service of backing up your important things on sight. we’d done that with some things, but due to unfortunate circumstance we ended up not having access to some pretty damn near impossible to replace files.

Speaking of that, thanks to everybody for their help in getting us our VC audio casts back. We had or were on the verge of getting pretty much all of them, which is amazing to both of us. I mean seriously, you guys saved that crap? You’re awesome and we really appreciate it.

This experience may end up speeding the site move we’ve been talking about along. Time will tell, but for now, I’m just glad that the world has been righted. We can breathe again.

And note to Blind File Sharing: Please, try to keep in better contact with the people who rely on you. It’s the professional thing to do. Things happen, we understand that. But it’s your job to make sure that we know about those things because when things happen to you, they also happen to us.

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