There Were Balls And Some Dribbling, But There Was No Sign Of The NBA

Last Updated on: 4th May 2016, 01:02 pm

I’ve never visited Seattle, so I can’t say for sure whether or not the city is suffering from a critical free love shortage. I can, however, hazard a guess that Nicholas L. Davis’ apparent remedy for the issue likely isn’t going to help.

So, just what was his grand plan? Well, if you guessed lying down on a basketball court at 3:30 in the morning and “masturbating violently,” you win. No, I think I’ll pass on your congratulatory handshake, thanks.

According to charging papers filed with King County Superior Court, the officer watched for about 30 seconds as Davis was “masturbating violently.” Davis stopped after spotting the officer’s patrol car.

Contacted by the officer, Davis attempted to explain his actions, a Seattle detective told the court.

“There just isn’t enough free love in Seattle,” Davis is alleged to have said.

This isn’t the first time Davis has run afoul of the law while in search of free love. He was convicted of second-degree rape after an incident in 1999. He was arrested following the basketball court escapade for violating the conditions of his release from prison on that conviction.

He’s currently being held in the King County Jail on a charge of indecent exposure with sexual motivation.

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