Who Put The Hard In The Hardware? You Did Baby, You Did.

Last Updated on: 27th March 2018, 06:30 am

We’ve talked before about Freddie and TeddyJohnson, both known for rubbing up against and groping women on busy subway trains in New York. Well, apparently they’re not alone, and this latest sicko has an even better name. Meet Darnell Hardware, yes, Hardware, who is accused of exposing himself, then grinding against women in the subway when they had no way of escaping, then bolting when the doors opened, leaving his, um, mark on the women’s clothes. They couldn’t catch him, but they sure had a ton of DNA, so as soon as they had a match, they’d have a suspect.

Well, they have quite the aptly-named suspect that’s for sure. Have you ever met anyone else with the last name Hardware? Oh and good luck with that not guilty plea there.

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