Do You Want That In Real Money Or Should I Make It As Fake As Those Criminals?

“Hello mom? Yeah, it’s Zac. I need a little help. Some drug dealers kidnapped me see, and they say they’re gonna kill me if I don’t come up with $200. Could you pleasepleaseplease………What do you mean not this shit again, son? Is that a no?”

Police in Knox County, Tennessee, say 25-year-old Zachery Lodgson texted his mom to say that drug dealers were going to kill him if she didn’t pay $200, reports WAVE-TV. “Of course, she didn’t believe him,” an investigator tells the Daily News, mainly because he’d pulled a similar stunt before. She called the cops, who set up a fake money drop and arrested Lodgson when he arrived to collect.

He’s been charged with filing a false report and resisting arrest. No word on whether or not mom bailed him out.

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