Hahahahahaha! You Should Have Seen The Look On What’s Left Of Your Face!

Guys, check this out. I put a fake gun in the middle of this here shelf full of real ones. When Stefan comes in, I’m gonna grab the wrong one and blow his fuckin’ face off by accident! It’s gonna be great! We’re all gonna laugh so hard! Except for Stefan, naturally. He’s not gonna have a face and will also be dead. But he’ll be smiling or whatever he can manage right along with us from wherever he goes, trust me.

A South Carolina gun store owner faces an involuntary manslaughter charge after police said he shot one of his employees in the face in an attempted prank.
Jon Whitley, who owns Coastal Firearms in the Wando area, was arrested Monday nearly a month after the death of Stefan Mrgan.

Authorities found Mrgan inside the store’s lobby with a gunshot wound to his lower face on Nov. 2, news outlets reported.
A police affidavit states that Whitley placed a replica Glock BB gun among real firearms in the store with the intent of pranking Mrgan. Instead, Whitley mistakenly picked up and fired a real gun at Mrgan, according to an incident report.

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