Shame That Nothing Has Chosen To Occupy This Guy’s Empty Head

Last Updated on: 17th February 2014, 03:01 pm

People, people, people! When are you going to learn that if you’re not sure what you’re protesting, it’s best you stay home and read up on it instead of drawing up a sign and heading downtown? You’re giving the folks trying to lend support to what may well be a legitimate and worthwhile movement a bad name and making things much harder for them.

Check out this goober from one of the Occupy Wall Street protests. You should get free schooling because it’s your opinion and you’re just throwing it out there because that’s what you want? That’s one compelling argument, I must say. I’m sure all those damn billionaires will be beating down your door with money orders and blank cheques by the time I’m finished writing this. At the very least you should be able to get a loan on the cheap, those Wall Street types have a bit of a fondness for those.

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