Anybody Heading From #Guelph to Kitchener? Could You Use An Extra Passenger?

Last Updated on: 5th August 2015, 01:09 pm

Remember back a few days ago when I said I would post more until life had other plans? Well, life already had other plans, and they take effect on Monday. Hopefully I’ll be around here still a fair bit, but it could be a little touch and go for a while.

Remember when I talked about working for Desire2Learn for that week there? Well, now they’ve offered me a long-term job!

Yeawooyeawooyeawooyeawoo bounce!

Ok now I think I can talk more logically. I think you can guess how happy I am about this. I get to be there, test stuff, and help out in other ways on a more regular basis! Yes! Woo! And I start Monday.

But here comes the fun. I’ve already talked about the weirdness with taking the bus every day and how tiring it was. Now it’s gotten weirder. It looks like the earliest bus I can get on is at 8:30 a.m. which would get me there for 9:30. The folks where I’m working are being so awesome that they’re willing to work with me and move my start time to fit the bus, and even meet me at the bus station! Can I give you all a great big hug for being the best people in the universe? But the thing is 1. this causes me to spend an hour on the bus before I start walking to work, for a journey that should take a half-hour, and 2. if I do that, then my end time gets pushed forward to really close to when the bus leaves to go home again. Plus, do to all this remastering, our bus station has been moved, and you have to do a big detour if you’re coming from the main bus square. I think I could get off on a stop nearby, so I guess that’s a way around it, but ug. It still makes things way too complicated. There is Go Service now too, but it’s pretty complicated looking as well. You have to go from downtown, to Aberfoyle, to Kitchener, and on the way home, you have to go from Kitchener, back through Aberfoyle, and then the bus dumps you off at the university. At this point, I would have to ride a city bus downtown and then another one to get home! yugugugug! This tacks another good…um…half hour onto the journey home. Did I mentione that the journey between my house and Kitchener is only about a half-hour in total?

This week, I have rides arranged, but they are by no means set in stone. Much thanks to the good folks on Twitter for forwarding my plea for rides around, it is super appreciated. It looks like there’s a carpool from Guelph to work, but it’s already full.

So, if you regularly drive between Guelph and Kitchener during daytime hours, or know someone who does, please shoot me an email. Pleease. I can give you gas money, pay for coffees in the morning, whatever you want. You have no idea how much easier you will be making my life. Gas money and/or coffee doesn’t seem like enough to repay you.

So as I said, this week is under control, but after that, all bets are off. So, if you can help me out, please do. email me at, or leave a comment, or heck, follow me on Twitter and let’s talk.

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