There Has To Be An Answer, But What Is It?

Last Updated on: 30th May 2023, 04:17 pm

Something got me thinking the other day. And when I get thinking, I end up thinking of weird things.

While construction workers were busy remastering Guelph, part of the work involved digging up streets to do sewer lines etc. While they were busy going diggity diggity root root yank, they hit a gas line, and it was time to evacuate an area of about half a kilometre. This almost, but not quite, included evacuating the hospital.

This got me thinking. What if evacuating the hospital was required, and doctors were right in the middle of surgery? What do they do then? I mean, if they stay to finish, they could go boom, but they can’t very well run right now, a dude’s cut open and who knows what is hangin’ out there. And what if it wasn’t a gas leak, what if it was a fire or something else equally urgent? Just what do they do in that situation?

I tried googling it out, and didn’t get too far. But maybe I just didn’t look for the right words. So does anybody know the answer?

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