Weekend Audio: Lunchless Lunches, Shattered Bowls And Talking Beer Koozies

At longish last, audio is back!

This piece should have gone up last week, but due to the small matter of it not being recorded until right now, that didn’t happen.

On this here 18.5 minute adventure into something or other, we touch on such topics as the good and bad of the #LunchUpGuelph event Carin went to today, why you should never, ever break anything made by Corelle and my talking Maple Leafs beer koozie with Joe Bowen’s voice on it that was the main reason for recording this thing. Yes RO, you finally get to hear it. There’s also a bit of Trixie, who plays some tug, runs around a bit and gets quite interested in the microphone.

If this sounds interesting or if you’re the type to listen to stuff just because it’s here, have at it.

And when you’re done having at it, enjoy game 7 tonight. Even if you don’t like baseball, you maybe should watch. Last night’s game was one of the best games I’ve ever seen, the kind of game that makes fans out of people who never gave a damn about baseball before.

Amanda may hate me for this, but I’m going with the Cards. their run has been amazing and for some reason I’d kind of like to see them win. On second thought, Amanda may love me considering how well some of my previous baseball predictions have gone.

Whatever happens, I’ll be watching and hoping for another fun one. Back and forths are great when you have no true cheering interest.

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  1. >Could have sworn you asked bottles or cans, but maybe that was somebody else. A few folks were concerned enough about my beer cooling situation to talk to me about it so perhaps I confused you with a less enlightened helper.

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