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I don’t have a kid, but if I did or got tasked with buying a present for one, this is totally something I would do.

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  1. >Wow, did you read the mom's comment about why she disabled comments? I heard about this on Twitter this morning but didn't watch it until now. The people discussing it on Twitter said it was terribly cruel to play on children, but those kids are just going to grow up being great sports fans, in my opinion haha!

  2. >I did see that. god, people are ridiculous. Not only will those kids grow up to be good sports fans, but I'll bet they'll also grow up knowing how to take and hopefully dish out a good joke. When I was a kid people pulled stuff on me all the time, and look how I turned out. Ok, maybe that's a bad example, but seriously. Lighten up, world.

  3. >Exactly. My family is full of jokers. I grew up with it and it thickened my skin. Those kids won't be starting brawls at ballparks I bet. Wish we could see them in twenty years to know if we're right haha!

  4. >The fact is, kids go through a waaaa phase. My sister did. I remember she got a stuffed animal one year and she bawled her eyes out because, in her words, "He's ugly!" They just do that, they'll get over it.

  5. >Yeah. Kids cry. That's one of their main functions in life for a while. Plus it's a joke, and a pretty harmless one at that. Get over it. The kid will.

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