I’m Not Sure I Like This New Mean Green Flavour. It Gives Me Brain Burn

Last Updated on: 21st April 2014, 04:10 pm

Talk about taking the standard old person back in my day, a dollar went a lot further lament to a new level.

Andrea Chavez, 65, was upset that one of the ice cream trucks in her neighbourhood charged too damn much and decided to do something about it, according to police. But rather than simply giving the back in my day speech or showing the woman a list of prices charged by the competition, Chavez decided to remedy her consumer complaint with a few squirts of Mean Green cleaner to the eyes …absolutely free.

Unfortunately, she wasn’t done there.

Back in her day, police officers were apparently a lot more respectful than Mike Ikemiyashiro, who Chavez reportedly tried fighting off when he came to arrest her. According to court papers, she also threatened to “sock him in the face” and kick him in the groin.

She’s been charged with assault against a police officer, assault, interfering with an officer and committing a violent offense in front of a child. All counts are misdemeanours. the in front of a child charge, which I didn’t know existed but shouldn’t surprise me, was filed because the driver’s three children were with her at the time.

Chavez doesn’t appear to be in custody currently, so no bail amount was reported. Perhaps that’s for the best. Had it been too much, there could have been trouble.

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