Another Shoplift With A Cop Arrest, But There May Be Hope For This One

Last Updated on: 10th January 2015, 10:31 am

There’s been yet another Shop With A Cop shoplifting arrest. A few more and this may need its own tag.

More than 24 Sarpy County Sheriff’s Department deputies were in the store at the time.

Some of the deputies taking 75 underprivileged children holiday shopping noticed a man running from the Walmart with electronics in hand.

As pictures were being snapped with the children, deputies and Santa, 49-year-old David Sherman headed for the parking lot.

Several officers caught up to him hiding in a car.

Unlike a lot of the other fools we’ve written about here, Sherman seems pretty aware of his situation and wants to fix it.

“I just feel real bad. I feel like I really let myself down, let people down. I just feel real stupid. When you are on that stuff, your mind, you’re not thinking about no police or nothing,” said Sherman. “Your mind is just thinking about getting some more drugs.”

Sherman said he’s in significant pain, detoxing from drugs.

He agreed to talk for two reasons, to apologize and to hopefully get help with his addiction.

“Because I ain’t trying to hurt nobody. I didn’t hurt anybody. It was just drugs and alcohol, that’s it. I just hope that they can give me a chance to get my life back on track,” he said.

Good luck, man. Seriously. Hopefully we don’t have to write about you again until we can put you in one of the happier categories.

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