Last Updated on: 6th March 2017, 02:04 pm

This is an amazing and possibly way too expensive idea.Tweet-a-Beer – web app for sending a $5 beer through linking Twitter and PayPal accounts.

How exactly does this work?

Tweet-a-Beer is powered by Chirpify, a commerce platform for Twitter. Chirpify is the magic that connects your Twitter account to PayPal in order to pre-approve payments. When you Tweet-a-Beer, you are sending $5.00 to another Twitter user, and ultimately, their PayPal account.

How do I send a beer?

Follow the steps to authenticate your Twitter account with Chirpify. Then “pre-approve” Chirpify to send PayPal payments on your behalf. After this you can use the app to choose the @recipient (on Twitter), send them a beer ($5), and add a reason, meeting place, or requests for the juke box. Once submitted, the recipient will receive a tweet mention from you with a link leading them to details on how to claim the beer money.

And maybe it’s not as dangerous as it sounds at first glance, unless you happen to be an overly generous drunk with lots of focus and a long attention span.

Can I send more than $5.00?

Hey, big spender. Send as many beers as you’d like. For security purposes (we’re looking at you, college kids), we limit each transfer to $5.00, so you’ll have to send one at a time.

It warms the heart like a pint of stout to see technology and human inovation coming together to make the important things in life easier. Well done, folks.

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