Now Anonymous Wants To Whoop Some Judge Rotenberg Ass

Last Updated on: 22nd January 2020, 02:57 pm

When I saw that Anonymous was threatening the Judge Rotenberg center, I was conflicted. here’s a brief history on what sounds like a horrible place. On one hand, I thought it was kind of cool of them to be standing up for those who probably have no voice. Maybe this video of things will bring more attention to the situation there. But on the other hand, do they really think a school like this fears being hacked? They probably have a website that hasn’t been updated in years, is riddled with mistakes, and left to rot in cyberspace. Would they even notice if Anonymous took it down?

And I’m sorry, but the whole “we are Anonymous, we are legion” thing loses something after a while. This may be the last post you ever see because they might just show me how legion they actually are, but I don’t know. Every time I hear it, I think of this Rick Mercer video I saw a little while ago, and then all I can think is we are anonymous, we are…Timmie?

So yeah. I hope this whole threat thing brings more attention to the situation, because good could come from that. I just don’t know about the whole hacking thing really having any impact in this case.

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  1. >Hello,

    The reason behind this release was to further the awareness of the abuses that take place at the Judge Rotenberg Center. It is an unfortunate mistake that the majority of people view Anonymous only as "hacktivists", when in fact, and more importantly it is a global consciousness. This misconception is further reinforced by the mainstream media in its negative portrayal of Anonymous. It is a campaign that they have initiated to draw attention away from the positive aspects.

    There are many avenues Anon can take in order to achieve a desired outcome. With this in mind, we have explored various avenues in our efforts to stop the atrocities at the Judge Rotenberg Center, and plan on implementing them until they comply.

  2. >I am very happy that you're taking up the cause. The more groups speak out about it, the better the chance it will be fixed. I'm still surprised that it's going on now. It sounds like something straight out of "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest." I thought most of the video was great, but when it gets down to the threat part, I think that's where your image starts to go south. I hope you can bring positive change, though.

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