Do Not Use Borat For Research

Last Updated on: 29th March 2017, 03:06 pm

Ya know, in my old story about the blunder in the Croatian national anthem where an opera singer belted out a line about having a penis that was a mountain, I said that if something laughable happens during the singing of the national anthem, we should just laugh it off. Well, in the case of what happened to Kazakhstan, I take that all back.

You see, the organizers at the Arab Shooting Championships in Kuwait failed at research. I guess when they tried to look up the anthem for Kazakhstan, they found the spoof anthem that was in the movie “Borat”. Thinking that was the real anthem, they had it at the ready if the country won a gold medal.

which it did

and they played the spoof anthem

and the good folks of Kazakhstan are justifiably angry.

I don’t know if this is worse than the case of the Israeli deligation that translated their questions into English via Babelfish, but it’s pretty close.

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