Guitar Pee

Last Updated on: 27th November 2013, 02:42 pm

A lot of the world’s most famous and best loved music was made by drunk people, but I’m not sure the creations that will result from Guitar Pee will quite stack up to the timeless music of generations.

Guitar Pee is exactly what you think it sounds like. It’s an interactive urinal that allows you to aim your stream at pretend guitar strings and make music…or at least something that could be technically defined as such. And to add to the fun, your masterworks will be automatically uploaded to the Guitar Pee website for all to hear. I’d say to enjoy, but let’s not get carried away here.

So far there’s no word on a girl version, but girls don’t seem to enjoy pissing on stuff as much as we do so maybe there wouldn’t be a market for it.

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