Live To Rise

Last Updated on: 18th August 2022, 02:05 pm

Even though just about everybody around me was, I wasn’t a grunge fan growing up. Bands like Nirvana never did much for me. I don’t know if I was too happy or what, but I just couldn’t get into it. I can listen to it now, but back in the day, no thanks.

But for whatever reason, I always liked Soundgarden. There was something different about their sound that drew me in and kept me listening.

A big part of that is Chris Cornell. for my money that guy has one of the best voices in music. Not just rock or grunge or whatever we’re calling it today, but all music. Have this version of Ave Maria if you don’t believe he can sing for real.

Or just because I love the song, Sunshower.

the other thing I liked about Soundgarden is that the music was a lot more creative than some other bands of the time. They didn’t just use the same few chords and rhythms and write depressing things around them. There was more to sink your teeth into and enjoy.

All of this just to say that I’m happy that they’re back and that unlike the horrid Tattoo garbage that Van Halen shat out all over us, their new song doesn’t suck. In fact I’ve had the chorus in my head for the better part of this week.

Live to Rise.

The info is probably out there and I just haven’t found it yet, but I’m hoping this song isn’t just a one off. It would be nice if there was enough new stuff in the works for an album.

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  1. Like I said, it takes some time to find its way in, but it will. You won’t even realize it at first.

    Oh, and comment email theory proven correct.

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