Today In Ridiculous Homophobes


Perhaps you’ve heard of Pastor Charles L. Worley of the Providence Road Baptist Church in North Carolina. But if like me you hadn’t until now, here’s a quick video you can use to learn all you need to know about him in 2 minutes.

Yes, that really is a man advocating caging lesbians, “queers and homosexuals” behind a 100 mile fence until they all die out. It’s a foolproof plan because, you see, they can’t reproduce. You know, ’cause they’re queer! Never mind that gay people have to come from somebody that reproduces…no sense explaining that to this crew.

Oh…the crew. Just take a look at one of his followers trying to defend this nonsense.

If you don’t have time to watch this, here’s how it goes.

Yeah he said it and he meant it but he didn’t mean it and people are gonna twist this whole thing about the fences around and make a whole big thing about it. Queering is wrong, worse than adultery. queers can’t have more queers, make of it what you will. He’s right, even though he doesn’t really mean what he said and meant. Oh, and I have no time for your Jew analogy, Mr. Anderson sir.

Wait, analogy is too big a word. Sorry.

This woman did say one thing we can all agree on, however. It is in fact 2012. But that’s about where it ends. It sucks that here in 2012, we still have to have conversations like this with people like these.

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