Lawsuit Goes As It Should. What Are Things That Don’t Happen Nearly Enough, Alex

This stuff really shouldn’t amaze me anymore. The legal system is about half past broken, has been for a long time. So maybe it’s not just the suit attempt itself I’m amazed by, but rather that the courts got it right with what seems to be uncharacteristic ease.

Kyle Best ploughed his truck into a motorcycle riding couple, causing each of them to lose a leg. Naturally, they sued the everloving shit out of him, which is a perfectly reasonable course of action considering he was texting at the time.

But as so often happens in situations like this, the victims had to go that one step too far.

Hey. If the guy doing the texting is a fair target for fault, surely we should be able to get something out of whoever it was that caused him to need to send that text in the first place…right? Right? Are ya with me?

Morris County Superior Court Judge David Rand, much to my relief with a hint of surprise, was not with them.

Rand dismissed Best’s girlfriend, Shannon Colonna, from the civil suit the Kuberts had filed against both Best and Colonna, noting that the duty to drive carefully is a motorist’s responsibility.

Colonna, who was 17 at the time of the accident, was not in court Friday, and her lawyer, Joseph McGlone, declined comment.

Colonna and Best, who was 19 at the time of the accident, were texting each other in the seconds before the crash. A few seconds after Best texted Colonna, he called 911 to report the crash, and he tried to administer first aid to the victims at the scene.

Thanks for getting it right, Your Honour.

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