Now That’s What I Call Songs Sung To The Tune Of “Two Princes” By The Spin Doctors 5

Matt, without whom none of us would be here and whose podcast you should listen to and maybe even Patronize if you haven’t already, threw this at me while we were talking on Twitter. Don’t ask me to explain it, just enjoy it in all of its wonderful stupidity.

Do you like all kinds of songs, but wish they all sounded like “Two Princes” by the Spin Doctors? This is the compilation album for you!

This video was made in a day for the Sketch Cram show at UCB East in New York, a monthly show where New York’s best sketch writers and performers create a show in a day and perform it that night.

Written by Jason Saenz, directed and edited by Benjamin Apple, vocals by Zack Poitras, voiceover by Benjamin Apple.

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