Parlez-Vous Français? Oh! Merd!

Last Updated on: 11th October 2016, 09:56 am

This story about a woman not realizing a police officer from India could speak French and consequently busting herself makes me think of a story of my own. But first, hers.

A woman and her boyfriend tried to commit a little insurance fraud. They smashed their windows, made fake footprints and hid all their stuff, and then called police to say things were gone, gone gone gone! But while they were talking to the cops, the woman’s father called, and she told him in French that she’d made the whole story up. It sucks to be her, though, because one of the cops on scene was Charanjit Meharu, who can speak 7 languages, one of them French. At the end of the call, he had 10 pages of notes and said “Merci beaucoup.” I would have killed to have seen the look on her face.

This reminds me of a funny call I had. I called Humanware tech support to get some help with my Trekker cradle. The very French fellow was trying to help me find a replacement part, and was having one hell of a time with a website. I knew this, because he was muttering French curse words to himself. With every French profanity, I grew closer to laughing uproariously, and knew this would be bad, so I said “I’ve been cursing my computer all day too!” Suddenly, all the swearing came to a halt. I don’t think he thought I knew French. Hahahaha! You never know what someone knows.

And speaking of speaking French, if you’re in the area of Guelph and want to practice your French, why not join our French language meetup?

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