Be Careful Who You Mary

Last Updated on: 23rd June 2012, 07:01 pm

Three couples, two straight and one gay, were on a cruise. A tidal wave came up and swamped the ship. They all drowned, and soon they’re all standing in line before St. Peter.

First up was one of the straight guys and his wife. St. Peter shook his head sadly and said to the man ” I’m sorry, but I can’t let you in. You loved money too much. You loved it so much, you even married a woman named Penny.”

Then came the second straight couple.

“Sorry,” said St. Peter. “Can’t let you in either. You loved food too much. You loved to eat so much, you even married a woman named Candy!”

Watching all of this, one of the gay men turned to his boyfriend and whispered nervously, “It doesn’t look good, Dick.”

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