The Following Post Is Brought To You By Canada’s Shiny New Advertising Volume Rules

Last Updated on: 5th July 2019, 08:21 am

Since this is one of those things I’ve harped on a time or six, it seems only fitting to make a note that the day has finally arrived! Rules barring loud TV ads go into effect Saturday

Saturday means September 1st, so as of now, you should be able to turn on your tv without fear of having to drain the shit out of your remote batteries trying to get yourself a consistent experience.

The only tv I’ve watched this long weekend is a tiny bit last night on a station that’s generally not a problem, so I haven’t yet noticed a huge difference. but if this works out as intended I should, and if I don’t, at least there now exists the legal right to complain.

The new standard applies only to digital signals. Under separate orders from the CRTC, most broadcasters have abandoned over-the-air analog broadcasting in Canadian markets.

The results of the new requirements remain to be seen, however — and the regulator is already taking steps to mute public expectations.

Loudness can be relative, it warned: an ad at a normal volume could still sound ear-splitting if it follows a relatively quiet portion of a program.

Consumers are also being urged to complain directly to broadcasters if they still believe ads are too loud, and to contact the CRTC if the problem persists.

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