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Last Updated on: 10th July 2022, 10:19 am

So…here’s the latest about Trixie. I’ll do my best to not repeat myself from the retirement post. This will probably be long and rambling.

Trix has moved into her new home, and seems to be enjoying herself thoroughly. She’s gone on huge walks and seems to enjoy them, and has even gone through a thunder storm there and didn’t completely loop out. Brad’s keeping me up to date, which definitely helps me adjust. I’m not as quick as Trixeroo.

We eventually ended up finding out that that UTI wasn’t as gone as we thought, and it had left over some damage that was probably causing her need to pee. They put her on a long course of antibiotics and I guess we’ll see if it’s gone for good in a couple of weeks. For sure, Brad says she hasn’t been scooting out for epic needs to pee…so maybe the antibiotics are doing their job, or maybe it was all stress. I guess we’ll never know.

The week before she left, I tried to get her to see all of her special friends. She even got a last play session in with Ruby, and the two of them seemed to enjoy each other thoroughly. How dogs can be so content to just nibble at each other is hilarious.

Last Sunday was the day she moved, and what a strange day it was. I had a hard time packing her stuff, but not as hard as I expected. Even bringing it out to the livingroom was weird, but didn’t set me into crying fits. The weirdest part was usually, if I start packing up Trixie things, she would chase me around. This time, she sniffed the boxes, and then just slept and slept and slept. She was totally peaceful. It was like she knew.

In the days leading up to her leaving, even though my head knew what was right, I kept going through cycles of “Maybe she doesn’t need to retire. She has so much more energy now. Maybe she wants to work.” It was like I did not want to face the truth, even though I already had. The closest I can imagine is when people get cold feet right before getting married or making any big decision.

As her stuff sat out in the livingroom and she slept and got pets from us, I went through waves of grief. I was trying not to cry too much because I didn’t want to make poor Trix worried, but it was hard.

Then, Brad arrived with his friends to pick her up. Just before he pulled in, the radio decided to rub it in.

I guess the radio wasn’t totally out to get me. A few minutes before that, it played this.

Somehow I missed that one.

When he arrived, the meeting couldn’t have been happier. I think she would have jumped in his lap if she could have. I think the funniest moment was when we got out to the car. It had a big trunk and the ability to fold the back seats down. Trix thought this was like a big hatchback, and jumped right into the trunk! Brad’s buddies took a picture, I wish I had it to put here. It was pretty funny.

We got her out of there and she lay beside Brad and put her head on his knee. I think she was pretty happy with where she was going. That made me feel a whole lot better.

And a week later, she seems to be a very happy dog, and not causing any trouble. I hope they have many many happy years ahead.

It’s been strange not having her here. Every little thing makes me think of her. I still have that hidden alarm clock that yelps about feeding and relieving her. I still expect to have to watch out for her. Steve and I still think we hear jingling tags when we obviously do not. It’s funny. I’ll just get untrained from having Trix and it’ll be time for newdog.

So that’s the latest scoop on Trix. I still miss her, but I’m so happy she’s happy, It makes getting ready for moving and newdog much easier.

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  1. There’s definitely that feeling of her still being here. Even though I hadn’t been doing it nearly as long as you, I still think ok, it’s time to take Trix out or it’s time to feed her on the days you’re not around. And I’m not used to being able to be down on the floor without getting my face licked off yet. After 5 years and change, that’ll be hard to untrain myself from. then again, I best not get used to it. It’s certainly a much different place here without her around. I’m just glad she’s happy.

  2. Hehehe. Yeah you don’t have to worry about getting the morning greeting of nose to the balls. And when we give each other a hug or sit down together, we don’t have Trix going “Group hug! Group hug!”

  3. I wasn’t misty until I read your comments. I’m just so glad she went to Brad. I mean what better retirement situation? It’s so perfect! I followed Brad on Twitter to keep tabs on Trixie hehe.

    1. It really is the best thing I think we could have hoped for other than keeping her ourselves. Brad loves dogs, dogs love Brad. We see a fair bit of Brad and talk to him even more. Trix will have a bit more space to roam and play. Plus Brad has some good walking spots he can take her too whereas we’re going to have to start finding all of those from scratch soon.

      He does tweet about Trix some, but it’s good you put him on notice that people are wanting updates hahaha.

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