Black Friday Body Count: More Riot Videos And A Mostly Unrelated Bit About The Grey Cup, Just Because I Can

To the list of those with a Black Friday riot video compilation we can now add Canoe.

Some of these you may have already seen if you’ve been following along, but there’s some new stuff, like a couple of stampedes at Victoria’s Secret. Psssst, I know what the secret is, Victoria. Your customers are retarded.

Oh, they also have a news report on the guy who was threatening to stab people in California. Based on that clip, he looks like a guy I’d totally laugh at…if I were retarded.

On a completely unrelated note, enjoy the Grey Cup if you’re watching tonight. I’ll be taking it in with some family over wings and a couple beverages. It’ll be a nice break from writing about rioting morons, unless I get talking to my mom about how her trip down to the States went. No, I’m not calling my mom a rioting moron, but she goes down for deals every year, and I always ask if she sees anything. She says she never has, which is nice.

I always look forward to the game, but it’s extra fun when a team gets to play in its own city. It usually makes for a cool atmosphere.

Speaking of atmosphere, what’s up with this halftime show? Justin Bieber? Carly Rae Jepsen? At least Gordon Lightfoot will be there to provide some music. I shouldn’t complain. I know they’re trying to serve everybody, it’s just that this thing doesn’t exactly scream football game.

And now, I’d better get ready to go watch that football game. There are still at least a few more Black Friday stories I need to look at, but it might be Tuesday before I get to them. I’m glad so many of you seem to be enjoying them…I think. I just hope the message is getting through.


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