How Do You Say The French Teacher Is Showing Us His Shween Online In French?

Here’s a strange one. Yes, I’m aware that covers about 87% of everything that finds its way here. I just needed a way to start this, and that was the best I had.


A 43-year-old high school French teacher from LaSalle, Quebec has lost his job after pleading guilty to charges that he lured female students into a chat room on the internet and then exposed himself to them.

Yannick Letendre tried to explain the 2009 peep shows by claiming that his type-one diabetes makes him do strange things, including stripping. He doesn’t seem to have addressed whether or not it also causes him to make sure ahead of time that high school girls are around to watch it, but you can’t have everything.

Letendre said he often becomes hypoglycemic and told the court that the condition leads to strange behaviour—including stripping.
An endocrinologist, who treats diabetes, testified that it was not impossible, especially if he drank alcohol after taking his insulin.
The prosecution took issue with the defence and called their own expert who testified that it would be highly unlikely that diabetes could cause what the former teacher described.

Interestingly, Letendre didn’t bother mentioning this medical oddity during his police interrogation. He did, however, do a bit of old fashioned beggin’.

Letendre never brought up his illness during a two-hour interrogation with police, but he can be heard pleading the officer not to bring him to court.
“If I’m charged I will lose my job and I have 100 students who will miss me. They were crying when I was arrested,” Letendre is overheard telling police.
That excuse also fell short and Letendre was heard complaining on Thursday that he’s unemployed and broke.

He’s also not allowed to have access to children or computers between now and his sentencing hearing on February 11th. Looks like he’ll have to strip in front of the kitchen window or in Walmart parking lots like the rest of us from now on.

As for this defense of his, I’ve never seen any of my diabetic friends do anything like that, booze or no booze. I don’t want to outright say that the guy’s full of crap, but you’re going to have an easier time convincing me that he is than he isn’t.

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