CBC Radio KW Is Launching March 11th

Last Updated on: 24th September 2018, 12:41 pm

I’ve been looking forward to this since it was announced, and even more so now that I’m a new…Kitchenerite? Kitchonian? Kitchenarian? Kitchen? What the hell are we called? Somebody help me out here. CBC launches new Waterloo Region station March 11

All of this sounds good, but I’m disappointed that there’s no mention of an afternoon drive show. I imagine that it comes down to money, which is frustrating but understandable. But if it’s not a funding problem, these people are nuts. There’s more than enough going on in KW, Cambridge, Guelph and all the places around them to fill a few hours 5 days a week, and surely there’s no shortage of people who wouldn’t mind being paid to talk about it.

But that said, I’m still excited, and I’ll be tuned in to see what it sounds like. I may even try to be awake for the launch since I’m kind of a radio nerd like that.

Note: You won’t have to go hunting for a new station. The new CBC will be at 89.1, right where you’ve gotten used to radio 1 being.

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