An Edible Lamp, Because…Because…I Don’t Know, To Be Honest

When I saw the title of the story This Edible Lamp Is Actually Good Enough to Eat, I was struck by one very simple question. Why am I wanting to eat a lamp? The thought had never crossed my mind, and now that it has, I’m in serious need of a way to make it unhappen.

“When the lamp is no longer useful or desired, the lighting strip is removed and the lamp may be eaten or thrown into the garden as compost.”
The lamp’s LED light source attaches to the main frame using adhesive plastic strips, and power is supplied along laser-cut metal lines from either mains or a computer. In order to eat it the electrical components must be removed, before the lamp itself is cleaned and then submerged in pure water for an hour so that it can soften up.
“The consistency after soaking the lamp in water for an hour is like wet Gummy Bears,” explains Vetterlein.


It comes in four wet gummy flavours, because the kind of person who’s going to chow down on a lamp is probably going to be picky about his food choices. There’s orange, cherry, blueberry and apple. What, it doesn’t come in lamp?

If you’re looking for one of these, you’re after something called Bite Me. Funny, that sounds similar to what I’d say to anyone who suggests I eat a lamp.

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