New Guide Dog Journals Day 14

Last Updated on: 7th April 2013, 01:53 am

I’m exhausted but here goes.

Got up and started packing. I was surprised at how well everything fit. I had a hard time eating, my stomach was doing acrobatics.

Had our lecture on how grad was going to go and how our dogs will be pissed tomorrow due to lack of morning chow.

Then it was back for more packing. This time around, I’ve got Tansy’s health certificate in my fanny pack. I packed as much as I could, then got dressed up. Oh dear I think I’ve packed on some poundage because these pants that fit me nicely before were a bit tight, and my blouse was being less than cooperative. Hope I don’t look like a whale.

Then we went to the dining room and again I tried to eat with limited success. Took Tansy out to relieve and finally she peed but no poop. Loaded up and went to campus. Sat in this room and waited for puppy raisers. Eventually mine showed up…and Tansy lost it, snorting and grunting and leaping. They hugged me and ooed and awwed over her and how much she’s changed since they sent her in for training. Then we went for a stroll and found a place to relieve Tansy. She pooped, this meant I was relieved too lol.

We came back in and they took Tansy with them. I sat and thought about how I wouldn’t fail and would actually have more words than a sputter. Somehow I managed to choke out something. Actually Tansy got me started by sniffing at my kibble pouch. And then everything went from there.

After graduation was when everything went straight up crazy. Autumn from my 2007 class came, as well as Trixie’s puppy raisers came, which was awesome, but Tansy’s raisers really wanted to take me to lunch, but I didn’t know where we were going so I couldn’t easily invite my friends along too. I felt really bad for Trixie’s raisers since they had come a couple hours and then only saw me for a second.

We went out to an Italian restaurant, and I met one of the couple’s daughters and her boyfriend.

Tansy was mostly good, although she seemed to be really wanting to jump on folks and I don’t get much warning. She also sat up near her food time and would not lie down without some serious convincing. It made me a little nervous for the future, even though I knew this was coming.

The one raiser says she’s sending a package and will knit me a blanket. That’s very cute.

I’m exhausted. I think Tansy is too. and tomorrow morning we fly home. 5:00 pickup comes early. Keeling now.

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  1. Ah, graduation day. I wonder if it’s ever fun for the grads? Hahaha! You’re done! You’re probably on a jet plane as I type this, Tansy curled up at your feet, your new life together about to really begin, all the problems and kinks about to be worked out once Tansy realizes oh this is home, no more constant change, no more new handlers, Carin is mine now and I can relax and settle in and learn what she wants. Remember, home is where it all starts to click. Leave your worries at school and just breathe easy now that you’re home. Yay home!

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