New Guide Dog Journals Day 12

I’m tired. I had a hard time settling down to sleep. I was just so jazzed about this whole raiser call and thinking about the whole Friday dinner.

I realize I’ve kind of suck at explaining how they do things in the new training. We don’t go everywhere together on a big ol’ bus. Now since the student to instructor ratio is 2 to 1, we ride in vans with our respective instructors. I think they try and make the pairs as close as possible as far as custom needs and goals. So 2 students and an instructor ride together and do their routes. Yup should have explained that on day 2. Gees I fail.

At breakfast, I brought Rose’s chocolates down and gave them to her. She went around the table and hugged us all. Success!

We went to this city with a light rail system so those who do subways could do that. Since Kitchener doesn’t have light rail yet, I didn’t. I went through a crazy snaky plaza to a pet store. Tansy is now the proud owner of a tug toy.

I forgot to mention how much Tansy whined at the vet. I think it’s out of excitement.

Also on Sunday I think I got my first give me food stare.

We came back to the lounge and had lunch and people who hadn’t done the quiz yet did it all together as a group. It didn’t really matter that they did it together since the point is knowing the stuff. Then we headed back to the hotel and people decided who was doing afternoon or night routes or both, and those who hadn’t done the exit interviews yet had them done. The other student I travel with noticed something on her dog that she felt needed a look from the vets. So the two of us went back to do the mall to do escalators but nothing else since we had to get over to the vet. Damn I was hoping to get some of that yummy mix from Sea’s candy.

Oh. Tansy loves her tug toy a little too much. She tried to jump on me when we went to play. Then she tried to clamp on right next to my hands. When I said neither of those were cool, she got all droopy tailed and went to her crate. Oh dear. Poor sensitive soul.

God I hope I’m not getting fat. I find it harder to bend over and make sure all of Tansy is inside the car before shutting the door.

Guh I still keep making dumb mistakes. I’m going to hope it’s being tired. I’m also not perfect at getting the booties on. I always end up with one of them all crooked. Bleh.

But at least I’m not the only retrain making mistakes.

Aside: at the mall, a little dog walked up behind Tansy and sniffed her butt and Tansy didn’t move. Go Tansy.

So I think we convinced the raisers to take me out Saturday night. Friday night was turning into a logistical nightmare.

I think this afternoon we’ll try the flexi leash and some other little things.

It was raining a lot today but I always miss it. I’m lucky I think.

As for coming home, I hear the weather’s weird. My luck might be running out.

But in more awesome news, dog food has been ordered and should be in Monday.

We headed out to do overhead obstacles that are over a dog’s head but could clonk their handler in the face. These are the hardest because they’re not in the dog’s way at all so it’s hard to teach. Tansy stopped! Without clanging me into those foam rods she stopped! Om nom kibble jackpot for Tansy.

Then we did flexi, the thing I expected to go easiest. Well…Danielle got her running and the flexi flew out of my hand! That’ll beat the confidence down. I was getting sad that I was having such a down day so close to the end. I decided to go on the night route hoping for more success. We went to Coldstone Creamery, a place I couldn’t go to last time because I injured myself and it was too far.

As we drove down to find a place to park, we wondered why parking was so difficult. As we walked closer, we figured it out. FARMER’S MARKET, DEAD AHEAD!

So, we had to navigate people and dogs and noise and dropped food and bouncy castles and loud music…and Tansy rocked it!

I had a yummy frozen yogourt and just felt so happy. The night route was just what I needed.

When I came back to the hotel and it was time for nighttime relieving, I was outside talking to other classmates, when from behind me came knocking on the glass. It sounded like it came from inside my room. I called the nurse over, and she said it came from above our heads and a man was waving and grinning. Either he’s a strange man, or is that one of Tansy’s raisers? Did they choose to stay at the hotel and they saw us? Although it’s more likely it’s column a since Tansy exhibited 0 reaction, it’s an interesting thought to consider.

I finished this journal entry in the morning because I was exhausted. One more day until grad.

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  1. Duuuude, you are too hard on yourself sometimes, you know? Hahaha! You did not fail by not telling us how training works. You can answer questions in a month when you’re settled and not exhausted all the time. It’s way too late to tell you that your readers are the last thing on your list of priorities haha!

    I’m so glad you guys encountered a Farmer’s Market and had to muscle through. What a great confidence booster! And Coldstone yummmmmm.

    I wonder just who the goofy guy was waving. Odd. And woooo hooooooo Miss Tansy Pants and the overhead! Wow! Jayden missed that his first go round with it. Yay Tansy!

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