There’s No Place Like The Neighbourhood Police Station

Tip: If you’re going to head over to Applebee’s for some drinks, you might want to leave the stolen ID at home if you’re of legal drinking age. But if you absolutely must take it with you, spend a few seconds making sure that the face on it doesn’t look an awful lot like your waitress.

Brianna Priddy’s wallet was stolen on Feb. 13 during a night out with friends. Since then, someone had been using her identity to write hundreds of dollars in bad checks, according to the Associated Press.
Priddy got payback of sorts on Feb. 25 when a woman came in with a group, ordered a drink and handed her the stolen ID.
“But I didn’t say anything,” she told KUSA-TV. “I handed it back to her and said ‘Sure, I’ll be right back with your margarita.’ [I] went straight to the phone, called the cops.”

The woman, who’s real name has not been released, now faces charges of identity theft and criminal impersonation. She was also found to be carrying drugs, which is surprising since you’d figure she’d have to have already taken them to have done something this stupid.

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