New Guide Dog Journals: My Meeting With Tansy Recorded, Complete With Blemishes

Last Updated on: 13th April 2013, 08:19 pm

Remember I said I had our meeting recorded, but it was too big to email? Well, now I’ve got it off the phone and all converted.

Notice how I can’t work my phone? That’s because I was too shaky. Also notice how I almost call her Trixie?

Here’s my meeting with Tansy, all 8 minutes of it, complete with anticipation and mania.

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  1. Cuuuuute!!!! Hahha Tansy’s like, what is this squeaky thing? Is she a toy? She’s too big to be a toy but she squeaks. Awww! So cool you got that. Awesome memories!

    Oh Voice Memo tip, once your phone is unlocked you can do a two finger double tap to pause. this also works to start your recording.

  2. It works for most multi media stuff, music and books in the music player, even Steve’s games in At Bat. Also, in lock screen, a double tap of the home key will bring up controls for your latest multimedia stuff. Sorry Tansy, for talking iPhones here. Haha!

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