New Guide Dog Journals: The Journey Home

Last Updated on: 13th April 2013, 06:39 pm

Well here I am, although who knows where here is since I’m sitting in a chair in the sky. Woke up early and ran around grabbing all the odds and ends I couldn’t pack up until absolutely necessary. The resident advisor came in, had a boo around and confirmed I hadn’t forgotten anything. Then the 3 of us with early flights loaded up and headed to the airport. She took me first and after some troubles finding Air Canada, we arrived. Tansy walked through the airport like a little trooper. The only thing I noticed was what felt like a left pull. That never showed itself in training at all. We’ll see if that was a one-off.

We got to security, and I did the long leash call the dog through thing. Only problem was the first time, Tansy broke her stay and started inching through. No worries, second time was the charm and only Tansy got the rubberoo.

I’m on the plane and it’s a full flight. I’m sitting next to a nice couple headed for Italy. Tansy was only slightly disturbed by takeoff, but it only consisted of her sitting up and not wanting to lie back down. It worked itself out and she’s lying at my feet.

I really do feel like I’m picking up where Trixie left off. It’s amazing. I know I have challenges ahead and so much to learn about my labby buddy, but she really feels like a pretty awesome dog.

I love it when I get asked how long I’ve had her and I say we graduated yesterday and they’re all amazed. Yup I think my entrance onto the plane with Trix was much more difficult…then again, I was in a knee brace. That probably didn’t help.

Tansy is sleeping at my feet. She didn’t know what to do this morning when I packed her bed. She sniffed the heck out of the bag, then ran in and out of her crate over and over again. It was like what she knew to be a firm assumption was gone. Then she nearly climbed in my lap and sniffed and kissed me all over. Poor poochers.

Another funny thing Tansy did as we walked through the airport was as we walked past a place where people got food, she looked at it pretty seriously as if to say “You sure you don’t want breakfast?”

She wasn’t even too upset with me when I didn’t feed her this morning. Last night she expressed her disapproval at not being fed on time. It must have been because the raisers were there too.

Oh god am I ready for this? I’m sure it will go fine. It’s just so much harder when you know this next week is busy busy busy. Tansy, ready to rock and roll?

Went through some turbulence and Tansy didn’t move. Good girl.

Almost half way through the flight. They sent us with some food. I’m thinking about chomping some. But I can’t reach it. Oh, more turbulence. Guess I won’t ask yet.

I wonder how our one classmate is doing. He has a bit of a layover. Yug I wouldn’t want to deal with that with my first dog and a new dog. Will have to check on him when I get a chance.

It’s the next Saturday and I’m finishing this.

Rest of the flight was uneventful except for poor Tansy having to watch her paws because I was in an aisle seat.

We got off the plane and were taken to baggage claim where, miraculously, my bag was there. Only weird thing was poor Tansy slipped on the super slick airport floors.

Mom and dad were there too, so we set off for home.

I can’t count the number of times mom called Tansy Trixie. She jumped on my mom and my dad was not pleased. Oh well, we’ll work it out. We got Tansy to the vet and got her city tags and a poofy bed, and a big bag of grub, the most important of all.

Tanseroo had a real trial by fire style week, and came through like a champ. She even experienced gross freezing rain and, although she didn’t approve of wearing 4 booties, she got it together. She snoozes on her bed at work and is an angel. Spookily, she found my office before I could prompt her to find it. I expected more bumps in the road, but really, there have been none, at least not in the working sense.

My coworkers, although they all want to pet her, are resisting temptation. Did I mention how much I love my coworkers?

She’s done lab loops around the apartment, and one night, she let loose with about 5 good barks for no reason out in the yard. I think she was unleashing some pent up energy. Aww, you adorable dog you.

I got an email from our instructor team. They got our little thank you gift that one of our classmates arranged. This dude was super nice, and not only did that, but bought cupcakes for us all.

And so begins our life together. I think it’s going to be a good one.

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  1. Yay! I’ve wanted to bombard you with questions in an email but I’m laying low haha. An aisle seat? Oh poor girl. But she sounds absolutely amazing! Do you think she smelled you or something and targeted your office? That’s just bizarre! I hope you’re getting rest this weekend. You wrote that it’s the next Sunday and you’re finishing the post but it’s only Saturday. I think…

    1. Hahaha. Poor Carin. She told me she wrote that it was the next Sunday, then I pointed out it was Saturday and she was just like “oh. Yeah. Right. See? Tired.”

      One of us should fix that.

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