The Money Is Fake, But The Trouble He’s In Isn’t

Here’s a stupid idea.

You’re in the courthouse. Based on the amount of money you find yourself having to part with, it seems a reasonable assumption that your time there may not be going as well as you had hoped. Faced with this reality, I can only imagine the thought process of Fernando Costa went kind of like this:

So let’s see. Already in court because I’m in trouble. Building full of law enforcement officers. Hefty fines to pay. Sounds like the perfect time to break out those counterfeit bills I’ve been saving for a rainy day!

And so he did, handing over two $100 bills, two $20 bills and a $10 bill to a clerk. Naturally, the money failed some iodine starch and ultraviolet light tests and police were called. Knowing he’d been had, Costa did the only sensible thing a fellow who’s been caught with his hand in one of the worst cookie jars imaginable could do. he ran. He didn’t get far, and is now charged with possessing and passing counterfeit notes or bank bills in edition to the operating a motor vehicle without a license issues that brought him to this place to begin with.

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