You May Always Love Them, But They Won’t Always Love You Back

I’ve heard of all kinds of people being thrown off of planes for things like getting drunk or threatening fellow passengers. But for singing I Will Always Love You over and over again? That’s a new one.

According to reports she began her endless rendition of the divisive tune shortly after the flight took off. Passengers managed half their journey before the singing became unbearable and a marshal was forced to intervene.

Intervening involved a handcuffing, the plane diverting to Kansas City, an emergency landing and some time in a police interview room. I’m sure this is exactly what was envisioned when the federal air marshal program was invented.

To give you an idea of how severe the situation must have been, this woman was so dedicated to her art that she continued singing even as she was being escorted away.

There’s a wee bit of video of the unwanted serenade here.

The unidentified woman was later released without being charged with any crimes, because apparently murdering a song isn’t illegal yet. Damn you, powerful pro-karaoke lobby! Damn you to hell!

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