Too Bad She Doesn’t Like Pickles, Because She’s Sure In One Now

I don’t quite understand what Tina Drouin’s problem is. It’s not like this woman was trying to fill her sub with tomatoes. that would be a beating.

Police say Drouin started loudly complaining, used a profanity, and demanded a refund.
“She couldn’t be pleased. She was very disoriented. She seemed like she was under the influence,” said Carmen Bolton, victim.
“She seemed very distraught over the condition of her sandwich. I’m not sure if she came in with some emotional issues to begin with,” said Deputy Supt. Robert Lenehan, MBTA Police Department.
When she was refused, she allegedly punched the worker in the face and pushed two large jars filled with pickles at the woman, knocking her over and shattering the jars.

She then ran from the store, but was caught and held by the woman she had just attacked until police arrived.

When questioned, Drouin told police that she was upset because Bolton had put too many pickles on her sub. Since that’s not a good reason for punching people and bowling them over with giant jars of the things, she now has a court date to face a charge of assault.

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