Would You Tell Your Stupid Ranch Tooth To Shut Up!?

On the surface it seems obvious who the evil twin is in this family, but on the other hand, the other one did eat all the ranch dressing. Totally not cool.

Ocala police officer Kristen Whitston went to the area of Northwest 12th Street and Northwest 12th Avenue and found one of the 17-year-old twins sitting on the sidewalk holding her head, which was bleeding. The girl said she and her sister were arguing because she had eaten the ranch dressing and her twin threw a plate that hit her in the head. She said as they were fighting, her sister stabbed her with a fork on the top her head, in her breast, on her right hand and in her back, according to reports.

The injured twin was taken to hospital. the crazy twin was taken to jail, where her rampage apparently continued. I guess they were all out of dressing there, too.

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