“Give Me My Stuff Back Or I’m Calling The Cops!” “You’re Way Ahead Of You, Dude.”

There may be a genius at work here, but that person is absolutely, positively 100 percent not Clayton Rowland Cowman Jr. We know this because not only did he call the police after somebody robbed him of cash and dope, but then, just in case there was still any doubt, he repeatedly called a narcotics enforcement officer’s personal cell phone and threatened him, because the real genius here gave him the number and convinced him it was the guy who took his stash. That person’s identity wasn’t revealed, but well played, whoever you are. Well played.

Davis allegedly began receiving calls from Cowman on Dec. 12, county police said.
“The caller began threatening to do harm to Sgt. Davis,” county police said. “Even after being told he must have the wrong number, the caller repeatedly called Sgt. Davis’s cellular telephone, threatening him.”

Cowman allegedly warned Davis to be “strapped,” a street term for carrying a gun, the release said. Two other GBNET officers heard the calls, police said. Davis allegedly told Cowman “several times to stop calling, and that the people he was communicating with were police officers,” the report said.
Finally, Cowman allegedly arranged video conferencing on his phone, during which Davis showed him patrol cars in the parking lot “as well as officers’ badges and guns,” police said. Cowman immediately “hung up on Sgt. Davis and blocked him from being able to call back,” police said.

By the next day, both warrants and Mr. Cowman had been obtained by the police, and the latter was charged with three counts of making terroristic threats and acts, and one count each of use of communications in the commission of a drug-related felony and making harassing phone calls.

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