United Breaks Geography

I was thinking to myself the other day that it had been a while since United Airlines broke anything. Have they finally started to shape up or have I just not been on the ball enough, I wondered. Of course, this being United, the answer is a resounding column B.

An English Springer Spaniel named Hendrix ended up taking a serious detour on his way from New Jersey to Phoenix this week.
He ended up in Ireland after being put on the wrong flight.
United Airlines spokesperson Megan McCarthy says the 6-year-old dog was travelling in cargo Thursday when the mix-up happened. When the error was realized, she says the airline took immediate steps to get Hendrix back to his owner.

On the bright side, at least they didn’t kill him. He was safely returned and his owner was offered a full refund.

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  1. I was pretty scared after a ticket I thought I was booking with US Air turned out to be United since it was a direct flight that US Air doesn’t do so they contract it out to United.

    Luckily, I had a perfect experience with United. After some hassle picking my seat because the agent on the phone didn’t understand that I don’t pay extra for a bulkhead seat, I found a disability desk number and the agent happily booked my bulkhead seat at no extra charge.

    The flight attendants on both flights were super helpful and the one on the return flight even let me know that Jayden’s nose was a little too close to the aisle. We had a window seat with no seat mate so Jayden was stretched out.

    I’m sure every airline has its problems. I’m just glad my flights went well.

    I don’t think I’d ever put a pet in cargo. Luggage gets lost all the time. No way I’d stick an animal down there.

    1. Wow, and they even flew you to the correct destination on top of it? What is the world coming to? Hahaha.

      Glad you had such a nice experience. Positive flight stories are getting hard to come by.

  2. Wait wait wait…Hendrix? Wasn’t there a dog named Hendrix that got flown to Ireland around Christmas? Either this is the same unlucky Hendrix, or Hendrix is cursed, like Grannies’ cupboard ice cream.

    1. I don’t remember another Hendrix, but you know how my memory can be sometimes. Ok, a lot of times.

      And thanks for bringing up that ice cream again. Jerk. Hahaha.

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