Finally We Can Write The Words Meal In A Jar About Meals That Should Stay Down

When I saw the headline Meal in a Jar, my mind immediately jumped to some of the similarly named culinary classics that have been featured in this space through the years. But reading the article, my mind changed pretty quickly. This sounds like a really awesome idea. I immediately thought of Carin and how perfect an answer these could be on days when there are no leftovers for her to take to the office. No more settling for so so building pizza or having to hope she doesn’t miss the lunch lady cart.

The mason jar has long been linked with canning and preserving fresh foods, but a local company is turning that concept on its head by providing meals on the go for those looking for healthy options but don’t have the time to prepare it.
Meal in a Jar started in January when local health, wellness and fitness guru Irene Divaris was on social media site Pinterest and saw what turned out to be a workable solution to the conundrum of providing healthy lunches for your family when time is a factor.
“We were having a family situation of not being able to get lunches out on time, and I just decided to make a lunch very quickly and there just happened to be a mason jar right in front of me,” said Divaris. “My brain went to the picture I remembered seeing and I built it. I put it on Facebook because it was so pretty.”
She saw how people were putting together whole meals in glass mason jars, layered with colours and nutrition, to be opened up and eaten later that day or week. The goodness and freshness was preserved and it satisfied her desire to provide better nutritional options for her family.
“It just took off from there,” said Divaris. “It’s visual and you can see exactly what you’re eating.

“I got 12 different jars and built 12 different meals, and as I was finishing them I was putting them on a Facebook page called Meal in a Jar because I couldn’t think of anything else.”

She’s teamed up with a business student and they’re now selling these at a few stores around KW. There are plans to expand into more places here and into some nearby towns.

The menu has grown to feature items like mulligatawny soup, a lentil salad with brown rice and chicken, a Greek salad with chicken and quinoa, and zucchini Bolognese. The menu features both hot and cold options.

That sounds pretty great. I’m hungry now.

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