Stolen Teeth And A Bottle Stabbing Over A Denied Soup Request. Just Another Day In Florida

If you asked me to make a list of things that make this blog writing stuff a whole lot easier, two items I’d put right near the top of it would be police blotters and the state of Florida. And when those two things come together, oh boy.

A man in the 700 block of South H Street returned home intoxicated and demanded that his roommate make him fish soup. When she refused, he became enraged so she left and went outside. He followed. He smashed a beer bottle against a mailbox and slashed the woman with the broken end, cutting her forearms. He then picked up a brick and heaved it at her, striking her shoulder. Deputies spoke to the man, who smelled of alcohol and had bloodshot, glassy eyes. He said the woman pushed him, then he refused to answer any more questions. He was arrested and taken to the county jail.

There’s more here, including the story of some stolen gold teeth. The fellow thought that maybe a friend of one of his roommates might have taken them, but was unable to give police the names of the people he lived with or people who come over to visit.

Yup, Florida.

How funny would it be if the fish soup and stolen teeth cases were connected? Guy steals teeth to help him eat soup he didn’t end up getting, so he snaps because he made a criminal out of himself for nothing.

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    1. True, but I figured fish soup might offer more to chew on than some. And maybe I had thick soup on the brain since Saturday night I had a chicken soup that was more like a stew.

  1. Do you ever hear Rachel Ray on the Food Network? She calls that kind of soup (between soup and stew) stoup.

    1. I’ve seen her show, but I don’t think I’ve heard stoup. I like it. Good description. Surprised I didn’t come up with it, to be honest.

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