Hey Hey! Ho Ho! We Were Sent By The PMO!

I sure am glad that the Harper government doesn’t have anything pressing to deal with these days. It must be nice to have so much free time on your hands that you can organize an entirely fake protest at a press conference held by the leader of Canada’s third party.

HuffPost has learned the PMO assembled several Conservative party interns and staff to draw up signs mocking Trudeau after being tipped off by Twitter that the Liberal leader planned to announce new measures to increase transparency in the House of Commons outside Parliament near the Centennial Flame. Holding signs quoting Tory attack ads, the young Conservatives stood behind Trudeau’s podium during his televised speech.
Liberal party researchers and journalists identified several participants in the demonstration — among them Maddy Stieva, Carl-Olivier Rouleau, Stav Nitka, Nick Young, James Mitchell and Grant Dingwall. None returned messages requesting comment.

It’s times like this when I wish I was good at writing, because perhaps then I could come up with the words to express how many levels of pathetic this is. But I suppose we should expect nothing less from the same folks who have been hard at work trying to plant stories in the media about Trudeau having the nerve to charge money to give speeches.

Only a couple more years of “stable, Conservative majority” to go, everyone.

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