Your Tray, Right Away

We all know that the food warmers used by fast food restaurants can often be anything but. And honestly, who hasn’t wanted to assault a Burger King employee a time or 12? Really, I can relate. I hate Burger King for deeply personal reasons that you really don’t want the details of. let’s just say they should think about changing their initials from BK to BM and leave it at that. but when the onion rings are warm and they haven’t tried to kill you yet, that’s not the time to be clowning the nice clerk in the head with a serving tray, crazy man.

Officers met with the complainant, a 34-year-old Burger King employee, who said a female customer placed an order, saying she did not want onion rings that were in the food warmer because they would be cold, the report said.
The Burger King employee told her he would not serve cold onion rings to her, the report said. He also told officers the woman was accompanied by a man who suggested she request a refund.
Again, the Burger King employee tried to explain that he would not serve cold onion rings.
At that point, the male subject told him to “not be disrespecting my girlfriend.”
The employee asked the woman if he was disrespecting her, and that’s when her male companion struck the employee in the head with a food tray and broke his glasses.
The pair left Burger King in a red vehicle.

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