Oh TNA, You Were So Close

Last Updated on: 6th October 2016, 07:05 pm

So, so close.

You were doing everything right. You took Vince Russo out of a job he was no good at. The TV shows leading to Bound For Glory were the best you’ve done literally in years. Bound For Glory, without needing to grade on the usual TNA is so spectacularly shitty that anything remotely good looks great curve, was a fun wrestling show pretty much from top to bottom. Everything was making so much sense that until you went and screwed up the main event, I had picked every single match correctly. I haven’t checked the standings yet, but I’d say that’s got to be a helluva way to start the TNA/ROH version of the PWInsider prediction contest.

So what happened? Why, as I sit here writing this, is Bobby Roode not the TNA world champion? It was time. The build was damn near perfect in spite of the ridiculously Vincerussified tournament that started it. The momentum was there. The fans wanted it. It was the biggest show of the year. It could have been a great moment. It could have been the making of a new star. But no. Instead of doing what should have been done, Kurt Angle won…out of nowhere…by cheating. The main event of what you think of as your Wrestlemania…and you give us a fuck finish? Really? At least it wasn’t a classic Vince Russo overbooked clusterfuck swerve fuck finish, but still, it kinda sucked and took the air out of a good crowd and what was otherwise a good night.

I have more faith now than I would have two months ago that somehow this will be explained, but no matter how they try to fix it, really, really bad call. Sometimes you only have one chance to get something right, and this felt like one of those times. For the sake of Bobby Roode and TNA, I hope I’m wrong.

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