Yes, Your Phone Isn’t Working. No, It’s Not Just You

Last Updated on: 10th October 2013, 09:29 am

Update 2: Your phone should be working now, says Rogers.

Update: Rogers is confirming that the outage is a national thing and that text messages are a part of it.

A little while ago, Carin was trying and failing to make cell phone calls. She asked me to call her to make sure there was nothing wrong with her phone, at which point I tried and failed to make cell phone calls, too. A few seconds of internet pokery later, I discovered that several million people are trying and failing to make cell phone calls all over Ontario and Quebec right now.

Rogers has taken to Twitter and declared that ‘We have reports of voice service interruptions affecting wireless customers in ON & QC. We apologize and are working to resolve ASAP.’ However, customers across Canada in various provinces have reported issues.
This also impacts Fido and Chatr customers, too.

People are also reporting trouble sending texts, but I personally haven’t run into a problem there…yet.

When was the last time a Rogers outage took out voice service? Generally if there’s a meltdown it’s the internet or cable TV, not phone calls. If this has happened in recent times or really since ever, I don’t remember it.

But on the bright side, at least you can enjoy game 5 of Pirates Cardinals with a few less people bothering you. Speaking of which, if anybody needs me…

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