Dear Ontario Liberals

I like you. Well, sort of. I’ve voted NDP provincially since I’ve been old enough to vote because I liked Howard Hampton and because locally they’ve tended to field the candidates that impressed me the most, but you guys winning was always fine with me. If I’m not getting what I voted for, the next best thing will do. And for the most part you really haven’t let me down in the past 10 years. You’ve done some good things and some things I wasn’t so sure about, but that’s government. Mostly I was just happy to be out of the Harris/Eves era and on to better days, so as long as you didn’t flat out screw everything up, we were cool.

but you’re starting to worry me, guys. Seriously. It feels like you don’t want this job anymore and wouldn’t mind just handing the keys to the kingdom over to that walking disaster Tim Hudak.

Just look at this gas plant report. Come on, just look at it! When it’s all said and done your foolishness could cost us over a billion dollars, and you told us not to worry because it would only be like $40 million. Don’t get me wrong, $40 million is still no good, but this is way worse. There are only 2 ways to explain what’s going on here. Either you’re worse at math than I am or you’re brimming with horseshit. And let’s be honest, neither option really inspires a whole lot of confidence come election time.

And speaking of not inspiring confidence, the hell are you clowns doing forking over half a million dollars to MLSE to help fund the NBA All-Star Game? Have you learned nothing from what’s going on right in front of your face at the moment? If not, you might want to click that gas plant link up there and refresh your dangerously short memory. People aren’t exactly in the mood to have their tax dollars wasted right now, in case you hadn’t noticed.

I know that MLSE is only worth a couple and a half billion dollars, so I get why somebody in some office somewhere thinks they’re struggling. A couple billion is hardly enough to haphazardly cancel 3 or 4 gas plant contracts so clearly, a handout is in order. But you know what else is in order? Some common freakin sense and some take charge leadership to make sure that things like this don’t keep happening!

You may not want this job anymore, but I’d kind of like you to keep it. I may vote NDP, but I’m not crazy enough to think that they stand much of a chance of forming a solid majority government at the end of the next election. the people most likely to cast a vote in anger are voting PC, and nobody needs that. I’m getting awful spending decisions whether you win or they do, but I’d rather some of those decisions be made with a few second’s thought to how they might affect vulnerable, real people rather than from the easy everybody who is in any way disadvantaged and needs a hand up is either evil or useless so let’s degrade them and starve them to death perspective. There have been missteps, but you’ve more or less done that. So please, do the best you can to get your shit together for the sake of working people, those who would like to be and those who can’t for whatever reason. After all the money you’ve needlessly pissed away like a band of drunks on a strip club bender that never seems to end, you owe us at least that much. Hopefully you’re around long enough to repay.



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