Ciao, Bella


Ok, that’s out of my system. I can write.

We have talked about our canine nextdoor neighbour. Her name was Bella, but we had a fondness for calling her Shitlip. Why? That apartment would stink really bad like animal urine. We were sure that either that dog was having accidents all the time, or they’d bought one of those doggie litter boxes so they wouldn’t have to take her for a walk, and it wasn’t holding in the smell. Either way, our end of the hall often smelled really nasty.

I was worried that I might get accused since I’m the one with the dog living in that part of the hall that people would see all the time…and those weren’t baseless worries. I ran into a woman who said “Your dog barks a lot when you’re not at home.” I had to explain to her that when I’m not at home, neither is the dog. We talked about the smell, and now, that woman has become a lot more friendly…I think because she realized that my dog wasn’t the one making the smell.

Well, 2 weeks ago, they moved out! One morning on the weekend, we heard a lot of banging that sounded like moving couches and things. As I took garbage down to the chute, we heard definite indicators that they were leaving.

And ever since they’ve been gone, our apartment building hall smells normal again! No more will I have to come down the hall holding my nose. I no longer have to open my door and get greeted by…that. It makes a huuuuuge difference.

Holy crap, have they ever been rennovating the hell out of that apartment. I hope it’s just because it’s been lived in for a while by the same people and needs a tune-up, not that they’re having to obliterate the evidence of Bella.

So yea! But I hope, wherever that dog’s going, they do a better job of preventing that horrible smell.

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  1. Whatever they’re doing to that apartment is taking a long time and is sometimes very, very loud. The other day it sounded like they had grinders and jackhammers in there. I’ll tell you what, though. I’ve never appreciated the smell of paint fumes until a couple weeks ago. I’m so glad those people are gone.

    1. Hahaha. That’s what I said, too. Not sure I’d want to be the poor bastard who got stuck with this particular one, though. She’d probably taste awful what with her having spent at least the last year marinating in her own piss.

  2. I wonder if there’s not some actual, honest to god damage going on over there. Not necessarily from the shit factory, but just generally more than your average “we live here” style wear and tear. Most buildings want the unit as close to perfect as possible within about 2 weeks of the old folks taking off, otherwise they lose money on that unit. If it’s taking longer than that, well… I hope the previous guys didn’t leave a forwarding address.

    Also: 10 gets ya 20 they’re replacing carpet, assuming there’s carpet to replace. If it stanks like you’re saying on a constant basis, she’s hot hittin’ the litterbox if there’s a litterbox to be hittin’.

      1. They’ve been at the place pretty well since they left, doing something or other just about every day. Carpet is a good bet. Our place has carpet, so if they were there a while theirs likely did too.

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