Yay! You Said Something! Booooooo! You Said Something!

Have you ever tried to watch Question Period? Have you ever thought that doing so might be quite a bit less insufferable if everyone wasn’t constantly hooting, hollering, clapping and pounding on the tables like a bunch of retarded, boozed up, blowhard doucheraisins? Me too. And we’re not alone. So not alone that somewhere out there in the world, a person decided to figure out just how much time all of these supposedly grown ass respectable men are wasting on congratulating their friends for accomplishing essentially nothing and hurling insults at the other guys for doing essentially the same thing. The result after a month or so of observation? about 30 minutes a week. That’s 15 minutes shy of being 1 entire day’s Question Period, in case you were wondering.

So yes, there is a way to make 45 minutes worth of the ruling government of the moment dodging questions every day even more useless, and our parliamentarians have found it. Well done, chaps. I’d say we should expect better and should fix this broken parliament by way of our votes in 2015, but let’s be serious.

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