People Are Putting Masks In The Microwave? People Are Putting Masks In The Microwave

Last Updated on: 9th June 2021, 02:07 pm

I would very much like to tell you all that I am surprised to learn that people have been accidentally setting fires by putting their masks in the microwave to sterilize them, but that would be a lie. What does surprise me, however, is that the sort of person who would do a thing like that is somehow smart enough not to be part of the anti-mask crowd.

The fire marshal is also warning people not to use a microwave to sterilize face masks or other personal protective equipment. Pegg says microwave ovens are not designed to heat cloth materials, so there is a risk of the mask overheating and catching fire.

Betts says he is not aware of any fires caused by microwaves and masks in Ontario, but says it has been an issue in the United States and United Kingdom.

Update: The Guelph Public Library would also like to remind you to please not microwave their books. They have their own procedures for keeping things clean that don’t involve anything bursting into flames.

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  1. Oh my God. Isabella does this. I didn’t ever understand why Isabella did this, but she does and I thought it was super weird.

    1. It is super weird.  Not super smart, though.  I understand what people are going for I think (It’s heat, it’ll sterilize it!), but just put the thing in the wash.  Or hand wash it in soap and hot water.  That’s what we do with ours.

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