What Are Ya’ At? A Great Big Sea Concert

Oh my head. My head is an unhappy head. But hey, it was worth it.

Soundtrack time.

We went to see Great Big Sea last night. I just wish our old friend Shoe was with us…that would have made it much cooler. But as it was, it was one awesome show.

I’m sad their tour is over, and one of their singers is leaving the band to go do his own thing. Going to a concert put on by Great Big Sea is just awesome because everybody gets involved. There is so much clapping and singing going on that you can’t help but feel good.

Some funny things before we get to the music. One of my coworkers had never heard of Great Big Sea before. So when I said I was going to Great Big Sea, there was a pause, followed by “Um? You’re going to the ocean? I’m confused.” We have to fix that….although I doubt he would be into them. But who knows, maybe he would.

Oh man the seats at the Kitchener Memorial Auditorium are smaaaaaall! You think an airplane seat is small? At least with those, there’s space under the seat in front of you to put stuff. I would hate to be much bigger than average size. Poor Tansy had to actually sit beside me in the aisle. thankfully our row of people didn’t have to pee a lot…or maybe they just elected not to disturb the cute puppy. At any rate, I didn’t have to keep getting up, down, up, down, to let people out and prevent puppy trompling. The scary part is I told them about Tansy when I booked the seats, and that was the best I could do! Holy crap!

Also, how in the good goddamn do you get into the Aud from the bus stop? We followed the bus driver’s instructions…and that got us nowhere. There were no pedestrians to be found…so we had to call the Aud and get found. How embarrassing! Thank you Jeff with your big ol’ truck. You rock. sorry to bother ya. I only wish we had had time to walk it so we’d understand what we did so we wouldn’t have to bother poor Jeff again. Oh well.

But those were the only snags. It was one amazing show. I’m not the most avid of great big sea fans, but I knew almost every song, and if I didn’t, I could get into it.

A few songs that I just have to mention:

I have to learn the words to come and I will sing you.
God, one night, if I’m feeling a little silly/have had a couple drinkies, I should try to sing that, then The Barleymow,
followed up by The Dublin Pub Crawl
and then finished off by “Three Jolly rogues” which the google and the YouTube won’t cough up. But you get the idea.

A couple more songs I want to mention because I think they’ll chase me: Scolding wife.
This one came on, and if I’d heard the song before, I don’t think I’d noticed the words because I looked over at Steve and said “Wow! Say what you really think, why don’t ya?” And then what was I whistling? This damn song, if not “River Driver”.

Safe Upon the Shore.
I don’t know what it was, it just held my attention.

After the show, we decided to grab some food and a couple drinks at Crabby Joe’s. I got a fuzzy navel, and the friggin glass was the same size as Steve’s beer! Needless to say, it didn’t take too many to give me the “oh my head” that started off this post. I still sounded a smidge drunk this morning. I ordered 2, and almost finished both of them. When I went to leave, I had to get down from one of those high chairs where my feet don’t touch the ground. I was afraid I was going to end up safe upon the floor!

But I think all is well on its way to being well. Yea water. Water is awesome. And so is Great Big Sea. Shoe, you had better have had a good time where you were, because you missed a beauty. And…enjoy my rambling message on your machine.

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  1. Before last night it had been a really really long time since I’d been there, and I definitely didn’t remember the seats being that small. I’m glad I’m not a dog person too, because there’s no way I’d have managed to fit a dog in my space. But really, saying I had space is almost a complete lie. I could hardly fit my legs in there. It was so bad that once when I stood up to cheer or sing along or whatever it was, my knee had to pop itself back into place. By the end my legs were hurting from being stuffed in the way they were, and the bad ankle was hating me for a while. I definitely wouldn’t want to be any taller. But other than the seats not being made for fully grown human beings, awesome night.

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